Chief Designer Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple Inc & Launching New Agency

Why Is Chief Designer Jony Ive Leaving Apple?

After serving for almost 30 years at Apple Inc., the Chief Designer Jonathan Ive is finally resigning from the company. In all those years, he crafted the most influential products ever in the tech industry, including the iPhone.

Jony Ive has planned to open his very own independent new design company named as “LoveForm”. Ive will be onboard with a very famous designer Marc Newsom in his new venture. However, Ive & Apple both expressed their statements that he will still be working with Apple Inc. on different range of products. Moreover, Apple will continue its direct relationship with Ive in the future on exclusive projects.

The CEO of Apple Inc., TIM COOK stated in the press release:

“After so many years working closely together, I’m happy that our relationship continues to evolve and I look forward to working with Jony long into the future.”

In Ive’s whole career, he has worked on a variety of different products such as Macs, iPod, iPhone, iPad, The Apple Watch, and more. On the other hand, the Apple’s Park Campus “Spaceship” was also designed by him. Proving him to be one of world’s best designers and most esteemed industrial architect. Recently, Ive voiced Apple’s latest video regarding the New Mac Pro which is going to be launched later this year.

Ive’s Contribution to Apple Inc.

Apart from Ive’s hardware design projects, he also contributed into the design of Apple’s Software Products. He was the one who introduced the fresh look of old traditional iOS into iOS 7 back in year 2013 and then progressed to the Mac’s OS.

Apple expressed that its current vice president of design; Evans Hankey, and Alan Dye, the vice president of human interface design, will be working closely with Jeff Williams in their design studio.

Ive made a very close personal and working relationship with Steve Jobs when the company brought back the founder back in 1997 as it was sinking. After that, the very first product was iMac in 1998 which was introduced by collaboration and work efforts made by both of them. Since from that time, the company expanded globally and became the world’s most recognizable tech establishment. He appeared many times in the videos of Apple products and recently, he did voiceovers on many videos.

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