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Getting YouTube Sponsor Button (Full Guide)

How To Get A Sponsor Button On Your Youtube Channel?

If you’re searching the internet today to get access to a full guide on how to get a Youtube sponsor button on your channel, then this page is for you, keep reading…

Youtube has become the world’s second biggest platform in terms of search engines because people want easy and fast access to the answers of their search queries and Youtube provides a video version of their answers. In this way, people don’t have to read through the whole bunch of text articles which saves their time.

The Youtube Sponsor button provides great benefits to all the Youtube Creators on the platform and one should make his/her way towards it. In this article, you’re going to learn what a Youtube Sponsor button is & how you can get yourself towards it.

Description of YouTube Sponsor Button!

Currently, this Youtube Sponsor button is only available to very few YouTube Creators. Through a monthly subscription, the subscribers can have their iconic badges on their profile as well as some exclusive discounts from their creators.

The best benefit you’ll get from this iconic badge would be that you’ll be recognized as a separate individual in the comments section of that channel which will differentiate you from other casual commenters. On the other hand, it also differentiates from other users if you comment on a LIVE video of your creator which would impact on other users letting them know that you’ve invested in that creator. It also gives you free access to the different perks offered by the creator.

How To Get That Sponsor Button on YOUR Channel?

As Youtube is continuously making efforts to give the best options to its creators, this Sponsor Button is currently on Beta Version. Which means that there are currently no specific requirements such as specific watch time, subscribers or number of videos to be on the channel itself in order to qualify for that button.

But if you meet the following criteria, it is safe to say that you’d be on your way to get the Youtube Sponsor Button:

  1. You have more than 100k subscribers.
  2. Generating more watch time day by day.
  3. Making good and valuable content for the viewers.

These three points are based on the metrics we have from Youtube as currently there are some creators who already possess that button and their channels meet the above scenarios.

So, How Much Does The Creator Earns With It?

Current prices of sponsoring a channel is around $4.99/month and Youtube explains that the creator gets 70% of the royalty as shown in the image below.

The point is, YouTube is giving extra opportunities to the creators to earn more from their channel besides AdSense revenue which motivates the creators to generate more quality content for the platform and viewers.

The Conclusion!

In order to get the YouTube Sponsor Button on your channel, you have to work hard and create quality content for your subscribers and YouTube community which will result in channel growth and will lead you to the sponsorships.

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