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Best Web Hosting in 2019 [FULL GUIDE]

If you are looking for complete guide on best web hosting in 2019 or fastest web hosting, then this article is for you.

What is Web Hosting?

A Web Hosting is a disk space on a remote Web Server which stores your websites, mobile app scripts as well as other files in the Cloud to access via online address or URL.

Is Cheap Web Hosting Good?

No, Cheap Web Hosting is not recommended for the long run as well as for Google SEO. Moreover, your site visitors will be annoyed by the service provided by that server to them. Which means that the quality of site speed and server uptime will be very bad and this is what we would never want.

What To Look For in Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company?

If you are launching a new website or online business, you should pay attention to the hosting company you select same as you pay attention to your own website.

If you love your new website or business, then you must select the hosting company on which you can trust. It should have the following characteristics if you are looking for best web hosting for small business:

High Server Uptime

If your website is down for few minutes or even seconds, you’re losing visitors which results in loss. On the other hand, it generates a bad impression on your brand or website and it becomes less trusted. There is not even a single web hosting company today which guarantees 100% server uptime. So for this instance, people tend to choose a better web hosting company which gives 99% uptime and then integrate a third party CDN (Content Delivery Network) to serve site from the cache incase the server gets down.

Good & Fast Customer Support

Not all Web Hosting Companies provide exceptional Customer Service, but there are few which are very friendly and can help you get up and running in no time when problems arise. So customer support is an important factor to consider when selecting your web hosting company.

Great Hosting Server Speed

Think about yourself when you visit a website and it keeps on loading for many seconds. Would you wait for it? No, you’ll definitely close that link and thus, that would result in a visitor loss. Moreover, site speed plays a vital role in your Google SEO strategy. Sites with lightning fast loading speed get extra priority by Google’s Ranking Algorithm.

Variety of Server Platforms Availability

You should be very clear about the Web Platform you would use for building your site. If your site is on WordPress CMS then you should check whether your Web Hosting Company provides separate WordPress Hosting. If not, then look out for Linux Based cPanel Hosting as it provides Softaculous Software for easy installation of WordPress as well as on Linux Servers, you can even install WordPress Core manually.

If your Website is based on ASP.NET then you should look for Windows Based Hosting if provided by the hosting company.

Why my Opinion Matters? Who am I?

At the end of this article, you can read about me and why does my opinion matters to you. Now let’s get into the main part of this article.

Fastest Web Hosting Company Today


SiteGround is the best web hosting company you can select today. It was founded back in 2004 by some University friends. Currently, SiteGround is hosting over 1.8 Million Domains Worldwide. The reason behind its exponential growth is the exceptional & super-fast Customer Service as well as their Server Speeds. They are known for having upgraded servers every year with SSD drives and excellent bandwidth allocation with the help of LiteSpeed Server Technology. Smart move!




They have different Tech Stacks for all types of Websites and Businesses which is why SiteGround is on Number #1. They have separate Optimized WordPress Hosting which is pretty easy for a Beginner to setup the site and avoid complicated server environment.

Or if you have a developer or know the server environment, then go for Reliable Web Hosting category. And then it further takes you to another page which describes different packages to choose from. You can select according to your needs.


You’ll Get What You’ll Pay For

No matter whatever your desired category is, you’ll get the QUALITY SERVICE for your Buck. With the ability of different packages to choose from depending on your website size and requirements, the prices provided by the company are best in class than other competitors.

Always remember, very cheap services produce very cheap results. So if you’re not ready to compromise on your site quality, then don’t compromise on selecting the best hosting. Otherwise, the site will be useless.

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We have been testing pretty much all the Web Hosting Companies out there in past couple of years. The major issue we faced in all of those was Site Speed.

Identifying Site Speed Issues

Whenever we assessed our site via GTMetrix, we always fell in the AVERAGE rating. We tried every possible solution on our websites such as Page Size, Minifying CSS & JS as well as Smushing site images, but the real factor was hosting server behind it. Even CDN services failed to provide high speed.

But when we switched over to SiteGround, our Site Speed rating increased to “A” grade and all our sites improved SEO Rankings too since we have been monitoring through Google Analytics.

The following things boosted our sites in speed and trust score when we switched over to SiteGround:

✔ Servers are Optimized with LiteSpeed Module (Installing LiteSpeed Plugin to make it work)

✔ Free SG Optimizer Plugin For WordPress

✔ Highest Server Uptime (We’ve never experienced that our site was down)

✔ Customer Support Replies Within Minutes

✔ Free CDN Setup (CloudFlare)

✔ Complimentary Free SSL Certificate (Saves Cost)

Obviously there are some other Web Hosting Companies which offer such services too, but their prices are higher than that. So why to pay more when you can get equal services in a medium price?

And its not just us, other people are also talking about this on TrustPilot!

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